Brain Fitness & You – Your Path To A Smarter Brain

Brain FitnessFor many of us, managing and taking control of our brain fitness and brain health needs is not seen as a priority and although we are more than happy to take some level of control for the fitness of our bodies the concept of brain fitness and brain training can see a little far-fetched for some to bother with.

This is a lost opportunity because with a little effort and a small amount of determination, the essential process of improving your brain fitness can be manageable and actionable as well as being rewarding and enjoyable.

In fact the advice from most leading neuroscientists is it’s never too early or too late to start considering brain fitness as being as important as body fitness in your daily regime.

Brain Fitness – A Relatively New Concept

The concept of brain fitness is a relatively new one, having really only gained traction and credibility over the last three decades. In fact for many centuries previous it was believed that the brain was actually hardwired from birth, making it incapable of change or improvement once a child had gained maturity.

It was really only the technological advances of the 60s and 70s and the use of brain image scanning technology that allowed neuroscientists and other interested parties to gain even deeper insights into how the brain functions and how it can be better improved.

Brain Health in a Nutshell – Use It Or Lose It

The net result of all this new knowledge reveals that human brain is a very complex organ but one that is constantly evolving in its abilities and processes and rather than, as earlier believed, incapable of being remodelled or improved, it does in fact improve the more it is used.

Of course, as in life, the reverse is equally true and that fewer challenges you make on your brain the less effective it becomes overtime. This is why it is so important to address the issue of brain fitness as you get older.

There is now mounting body is built up over the last 40 years clearly demonstrates how the human brain can be improved by using a combination of nutrition and focused training exercises with a recent European study into the benefits of brain fitness programmes evidences how just a few hours of brain training a day improved the short term memory performance of patients suffering from mild to moderate memory loss in a relatively short space of time.

Creating New Neural Pathways

The key to successful brain fitness over the long term is to continue to find new ways to create new neural pathways in your brain. As human beings we tend to find ourselves getting into repetitive patterns of behaviour feeling comfortable doing the same thing over and over again. While this might make us feel comfortable and secure it is ruinous for our brain’s performance.

By finding new ways to do familiar tasks we create new neurons in the brain this process is vital in keeping our brains challenged , active and operating at  peak performance.

Perhaps the best way to do this is take a simple task, like brushing your teeth for example and break it down into separate component tasks-this means you concentrate on each of the steps that lead up you finishing brushing your teeth and see how many of those steps you can modify to create a different whole experience.

It may sound complicated but the reality is with a little practice it becomes very easy and the very process of challenging your brain in this way is making it stronger every day.

In addition to the mental stimulation and mental challenge your brain research has also demonstrated the importance of physical activity in maintaining brain fitness. The reality is that physical activity needs only little but often to feel benefits very quickly.

Brain Fitness & Nutrition – What You Put In Is What You Get Out  

As far as brain fitness goes – You are what you what   . The brain is the command centre for the entire body nervous system. It controls emotions movement’s feelings responses sensations as well as the physical complexities of the human body. Most importantly however considering that it represents just 2% of body mass in the average human being the brain consumes 20% of resources.

In order to function at peak performance the human brain requires a number of essential amino acids fatty acids and proteins and micronutrients delivered consistently throughout the life of an individual.

One of the sad ironies of living in this wonderful, non-stop, 24 seven, always on world is that we no longer have time to read accounts diet that contains all the essential nutrients for optimum brain fitness, however advances in our understanding of how the brain works and can improve brain nutrition as evidence by a the growing use of natural brain supplements around the globe.

Brain Fitness & You

It is clear, given the body of research evidence now gathered, that brain fitness is as important if not more important than keeping our bodies fit, it is also clear that, thanks to advances in technology and our understanding of how the brain works, there are a number of approaches, tools, techniques and natural brain supplements like Brainsmart Ultra that act to quickly improve the quality of brain performance. The only thing that stands between you and a better brain – is you.

Go to It!  Best of luck

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Sam Jansen is a leading brain scientist, lawyer and author, studying neuroscience, social behaviors and the science of happiness.You can find him at Google+