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Brain Smart Reviews

* Below is a small selection of our reviews. We do not pay for or reward anybody for testimonials . *Results may vary from person to person.  Reviews received from customers may be corrected for spelling, grammar and punctuation and may be edited to be free of personal details or identifying content to preserve the privacy of the contributors.

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BrainSmart Ultra with Cognicetam+TM 


*“BrainSmart Ultra is an outstanding brain booster, it really works, and the benefits are swift.My brain fog has cleared and my concentration has improved.There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to try these remarkable brain supplements.”

Dr. T. Frisk (Oxford Business School)

*I definitely found the capsules to be quite valuable to me. I still use the Brainsmart Ultra capsules from time to time and it helps quite a lot especially when it comes to removing brain fog and focusing on work.

Tom O (Student, UK)

*”I’ve found that only BrainSmart Ultra provides me with the boost that I need to consistently perform under any conditions!”

Mr M Ronson (CEO, RockStream VC, Geneva)

*“Investment banking is a demanding profession filled with high-pressure deadlines and very long hours. BrainSmart Ultra provides me with the brain boost that I need to focus consistently and perform under any conditions. It is a truly amazing brain supplement that has become an invaluable resource to me.”

Mr S Sodden (Investment Banker Top 3 Investment Bank, London)

*”Thank you for creating a brain vitamin formula that gets rid of brain fog. Last Saturday I had to create pages of detailed technical content for an industry report and was two weeks behind schedule. After using your product, I put the material together in half the time it would usually take me. Congratulations BrainSmart you have just won yourself a believing customer. Please feel free to use my email to endorse your product”

Mrs L Miller (CEO, Closet Queens) 

*”BrainSmart Ultra is an amazingly powerful product. I don’t know of a comparable brain supplement on the market that does exactly what it promises.”

Prof S Carter (Academic and Author, University of Strathclyde)

*”Yes, I believe Brainsmart Ultra works . I’m in the nursing program and there is a lot of information to retain and I feel that your product has helped me a lot”.

Andrea G (Nurse , USA)

BrainSmart MoodTM


*”I’ve been using BrainSmart Mood for four months as a mood stabilizer and I am now able to manage my hectic and demanding workload much more efficiently. I have no idea how I managed without it.”

Mr M Speedler (Art Dealer, Copenhagen) 

*”I have suffered from crippling depression and anxiety attacks for over 30 years and have tried many products during this period. None of the other vitamin for depression products have come close to being as effective as BrainSmart Mood.”

Marcus J (IT Consultant, Oslo) 

*“BrainSmart Mood has been a life saver for me. I have been using it for about 3 months and have experienced the most wonderful freedom from my depression I have ever felt. I have suffered from depression all my life and have taken all kinds of anti depression vitamins to help. Nothing works like it [BrainSmart Mood]. Now I am happy, laughing, and my life seems to have much more joy to it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who feels the same way I did. Please use my story in anyway you wish. ”

Richard H (Retired US Army, Washington DC)

*”I have spent most of my adult life seeking help for depression and anxiety and I find BrainSmart Mood makes me feel happy, calm and anxiety free.”

Louise Carter (Mum of 3, London)

*”After taking my first dose of BrainSmart Mood I noticed results! Raising young children means my life is very chaotic and I find myself feeling anxious and occasionally I feel overwhelmed, irritable and depressed. Your brilliant depression supplement makes me feel much calmer and more relaxed.”

Carol T (Working Mother, Atlanta)

*“What an exceptional product! I now have a dramatically improved mood and life feels worth living again. I’m ready to tackle my next set of exams. Your [BrainSmart] customer service is excellent.”

Robert G (MBA Student,London) 

*“I’ve tried so many different antidepressant medicines over the years with mixed results but I had almost given up hope of completely being cured of my depression when my wife bought me 3 bottles of BrainSmart [Mood]. I have been taking it for only a couple of months and the improvement is amazing. I just felt I had to write to you and thank you for your fantastic product.”

Charlie D (Freelance Cameraman, Los Angeles) 

*“I have been taking [BrainSmart Mood] for 1 month now and Ihave so much more energy. I am sleeping better and I am not as anxious or having constant anxiety attacks like I did before.”

Naomi R (Paris)

*“It [BrainSmart Mood] worked as you promised. After about a week I noticed definite improvement in my symptoms. This product has surpassed all my expectations.”

Leon A (Warehouse Manager, Brooklyn)

*”I have been desperate to find a natural alternative to Prozac to tackle my depression. Your product [BrainSmart Mood] was the answer to my prayer.  After 1 month I felt so much better and was able to get right back to my usual routine. Thank you so much. It [BrainSmart Mood] is the only one to provide the best solution for depression and anxiety.”

Max W (Melbourne)

*”I’ve tried many prescription and non-prescription brain supplements to combat my depression, only to be disappointed. I had almost given up searching until I found BrainSmart Mood. Now I finally have a normal life and I feel great every day.”

Lydia N (Interior Designer, Boston)

*”I bought your brand [BrainSmart Mood] for my wife and it really is incredible how it improved her mood – we both noticed a difference within a few weeks of taking it. ”

Gordon L (Retired, Dublin)

*”My husband has suffered with MS for over 40 years and one of the many symptoms that goes along with his chronic condition is severe depression. We have tried almost every natural, homeopathic and pharmaceutical solution available over the years, none have worked completely, until we discovered your product [BrainSmart Mood]. Thank you very much. We wished we had found you sooner. ”

Louise R (Alberta)

*”I have bipolar disorder and have had a hard time coming to terms with it until I found this product. {The ONLY reason I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars is because I live in the US and it takes 2 full weeks to make it across the pond and through customs!} Originally diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I was given a number of prescription drugs to try to balance out but I was still BATTLING with myself. After years of being (and feeling) misdiagnosed and finally finding out what was actually eating away at me {and any relationship I tried to hold} I did some serious research. Every single thing I read said I would need prescription drugs to control my mood swings. Now…this was the first real time I actually felt depressed! I didn’t want to be numb to my feelings/emotions anymore…I just wanted to control them! So I searched…trying to find THE BEST all-natural way to go about doing this and stumbled upon this website that changed my life as I know it. I have been taking the product for close to 6 months now and so far, SO GOOD!!!! Practicing patience, deep breathing, drinking much more water {staying away from alcohol} and taking this stabilizer makes life so much easier…it’s unreal!!! Saved my marriage and my job. I hope this helps or reaches out to some one. I know how hard it is…how scary it can be. Give this a chance…stick with it (take it every day) and see where it will take you.

It’s only up from here!

The force is with you! ;)”

J (Florida)

BrainSmart FocusTM


*”I give them to my 13 yr. old grandaughter for her adhd. She was on concerta but it didnt seem to be doing much for her and I didn’t want to dosage increased because I don’t really trust the drug long term. I like tring to help her without the strong drugs. She’s been taking your brain smart focus for 2 months now and I have seen better results with this than the concerta drug, plus I feel better not giving her a prescribtion drug. Only time and her schooling will tell if she is being helped enough to succeed in school. Thank you”

CS (Carer and Grandmother, USA)

*“Over the years I’ve tried numerous brain supplements and natural ADHD treatments  to help improve focus and concentration but BrainSmart Focus is the only one that I’ve found to consistently deliver the clarity and mental sharpness I need.”

Mr I. Wain (Senior Business Analyst, BBC Worldwide) 

*”It is now exactly 30 days since I took my first [BrainSmart Focus] capsule. I was a bit sceptical at first but it didn’t take long to feel the increased effects of this product.  It also helped with memory recall and understanding of some intense client side issues I have been struggling to overcome. For someone who has always had trouble getting into the concentration ‘zone’, it was extraordinary how well I could focus. At last, I feel I have found a product that will not only get through the intense hours of work but also help me to climb to the top of my profession.  Many thanks.”

Mr C. Dobson (General Manager, Thornton Green Tech Ltd)

Brainsmart Memory Supplements

BrainSmart MemoryTM


*”The alertness and mental clarity I get from using BrainSmart helps me to get optimal performance every day. From exercise to research, BrainSmart allows me to always be on the cutting edge.”

Mr S Gedge (Author and Intellectual Property Lawyer)

*”BrainSmart Memory definitely stimulates the mind. You suddenly feel alert and the effect lasts for hours. I now use BrainSmart Memory to study for my exams! I find it to be a useful product with no side effects. Keep me informed of anything new. Thanks!”

Ms K. Mirchindani (MBA Student, Insead Business School)

*”After lot of bad things happening in my family, it was really hard to keep track on the school. I was forgetting lot faster, and it was really bad for my grades. So i tried this product and after some time i was even better in remembering and memorizing things than before the problems started. It is a great product that i recommend to everyone who needs a BRAIN boost”.

Toni Velinovsk

*I absolutely love the results I’ve experienced from taking BrainSmart Memory! I’ve been taking it along with my Neuro Boost Piracetam, and L-Theanine. I can honestly say I´m remembering lectures much clearer than I was a month ago! Thank you for such a great product!

Posted by Jessica on 15th Mar 2012

*”I have been taking Brainsmart Memory capsules for over 9 months. I saw their TV ad and decided to try them out . I am very forgetful and have struggled to remember things for ages. Since taking this wonderful supplement I have found that I have a better awareness about what I done and remembering where I have put things,  I even remember to take them every day!.”

Marek D (Ft Lauderdale ,FLorida)

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