Depression Vitamins Help As Debt Problems Increase Says Research

Depression Vitamins Natural Help For Depression Depression

The number of people using natural depression vitamins for help with anxiety and depression has increased significantly over the past four years

Many experts are convinced that mounting debts, including problems with mortgage or credit card repayments and lack of job security, may be contributing to the sudden and siginficant rise in the use of natural depression vitamins across the globe.

Recent figures obtained by the BBC show that the number of prescriptions for leading natural depression vitamin products has risen by 43% to nearly 23m per year.

The Head of the Royal College of GPs, Dr Clare Gerada confirmed that family doctors are seeing more patients with debt problems; she is quoted as saying “they feel guilty that they can’t provide for their family and these things can often act as a trigger for depression”.

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service said that it was unsurprised by the figures, as problems with credit card, loan and mortgage repayments are known to take an emotional toll. Their CEO Gordon Bell, said that financial difficulties can be “incredibly stressful” and observed that “the link between money worries and depression is being increasingly addressed by the credit industry, government and advice sector. “

It is important that the focus is kept on this issue so that those struggling with money problems and the resulting depression or anxiety are given the support they need.

In these uncertain times where many of us face financial pressure and heavier workloads its important to take a rounded view of your mental health.There are a number of alternative approaches that can be taken by anyone seeking self help for depression and anxiety.

Please read my entries on Thursday March 17th and 24th for some simple practical steps you can take as an alternative to prescription anti depressants and other doctor suggested mood stabalizers.

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