How Brain Supplements Can Make You More Competitive

brain supplements

What are the benefits of using brain supplements?

The use of ‘brain supplements, memory supplements and brain boosters to increase an individual’s competitive advantage, has increased dramatically over the past decade. Significantly, this increased demand for effective, natural brain supplements has not just been confined to the western world but can also be observed in the more dynamic and emerging nations like India, China and Brazil. The fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the subsequent global recession and corresponding increase in debt and loss of jobs has accelerated brain supplement usage by over 60 % (i previously wrote about this phenomenon in a previous blog post). There is clearly a correlation between an increase in debt, increased pressure to perform at work and this remarkable global increase in the use of  brain supplements usage.

How natural supplements for the brain work to improve the mind

Many brain supplements work by increasing the amount of adenosine triphosphate, which acts as fuel for the cells throughout the body and brain Weak blood flow through the nerves in the brain is one of the most destructive triggers for the mental decline that is often associated with getting older. Traditionally brain supplements containing Acetyl L-Carnitine, Choline or Alpha Lipoic Acid have been used to increase brain blood flow, increase neurotransmitter activity and prevent age related memory loss. However  even in those who are younger and are not suffering from dementia find common  problems like  remembering names, faces .places and  appointments can adversely affect peer perception of ones performance at work and in this brave new world of fear and loathing the implications of being perceived to be weak at work could have disastrous consequences .For this reason the motivations and the demographic of users of  brain supplements is becoming more amorphous and combined as memory loss prevention and memory boosting become one and the same in both groups

In fact according to Fernado Gomez Pinilla writing in Nature Reviews Neuroscience magazine  “several gut hormones that can enter the brain, or that are produced in the brain itself, influence cognitive ability”

Research into the effectiveness of brain supplement formulas show many positives for brain health

There has now been a mountain of research since the 1960′s that demonstrate the effectiveness of many of the brain vitamins found in popular brain supplements . Individuals who have dementia caused by stroke appear to benefit from an increased oxygen-rich brain environment. Recent research from the University of Maryland Medical Center points to evidence that some brain vitamins like L-Carnitine may be able to protect the brain from damage caused by strokes.

After being extensively studied in Europe many brain supplements   are now being used to ease symptoms of stroke, motor disorders, brain fog and depression and feelings of anxiety or  disorientation. Research evidences possible value for improving visual acuity and as well as audio enhancement.

There is little doubt  that many healthy people have experienced improved brain performance to become ‘better than well’ by using emerging brain supplements.One wonders when the tipping point will be reached and they gain mass acceptance .Some experts believe we are less than a decade away but i believe we are already experiencing a fundamental shift in how individuals choose to improve their chances of survival in this competitive and complex world we now live in.The use of brain supplements , mood enhancers , memory supplements and brain boosters will only increase as we progress into the second decade of the twenty first century.

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