Q17 REPLACEMENT: Can I use any of the BrainSmart products as a cost-effective replacement for coffee and "energy drinks"?


Many of our customers report having eliminated coffee and “energy drinks” from their diets by substituting with either BrainSmart ULTRA™ or BrainSmart FOCUS™. Coffee includes three sedative opiates and is often consumed with sugar and/or cream. Unlike so-called “energy drinks”, none of the BrainSmart™ formulas contain artificial food dyes, glucose, maltodextrin, or other inactive sugar additives that adversely affect blood sugar levels and cause post-ingestion fatigue.

Both BrainSmart ULTRA™ and BrainSmart FOCUS™ are a safe and cost-effective replacement for generally-available stimulant products, both providing superior neural performance effects and essential cerebro-active components. BrainSmart ULTRA™ enables sustained stimulant effects without the typically associated side-effects.

BrainSmart ULTRA™ and BrainSmart FOCUS™ should not be consumed within 3 hours of caffeine-containing products but may be consumed on the same day as coffee, tea, or other such products.