Brain Vitamins 101- What is Choline Bitartrate?


Choline bitartrate is one of a number of water-soluble brain vitamin compounds that are often grouped together in the B vitamin family. Typically these important brain vitamins are defined as lipotropic compounds or described as having lipotropic properties. Most brain vitamins containing lipotropic compounds are also known as lipotropes and work to support the liver, nervous system and brain by releasing energy from converted fat.

Choline in the form of lechtin is a naturally occurring brain vitamin found in many fat and protein-containing foods. Red meat, eggs, green vegetables, wheat and nuts are all very good natural sources of this brain vitamin. Brain vitamins like choline  are often also  found in the fat portion ) of the cell membranes In the form of lecithin also known as phosphatidylcholine and also in the lining  of nerve fibres known as the myelin sheath  which  is the nerve  area  believed to influence muscle contractions, coordination and movement.

Choline is often linked together, in many brain vitamin supplement formulas, with tartaric acid (also known as bitrate), to improve its absorption rate into the body’s nervous system and eventually into the brain. A binding of these two brain vitamins together helps to synthesise compounds that are essential for the optimal health of membranes and nerve endings found in cells in the body. Some trace amounts of choline and other brain vitamin lipotropes are often produced in the human body, but these natural quantities can often be insufficient to provide benefits to many common neurological problems. It is for this reason that supplementation with additional amounts of brain vitamins like choline bitartrate is often found to deliver benefits to brain and body to many individuals.

In addition to this most effective of brain vitamins and its lipotropic properties, choline also works with the central nervous system to modulate nerve impulse transmissions, communications between cells and the function and health of the muscles .Choline helps produce the brain vitamin and neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which plays an important  role in regulating and controlling behaviour, memory , appetite , depression and anxiety.Choline also has significant antioxidant properties that protect cells making it one of the most important and effective naturally occurring brain vitamins.

Effectiveness of Choline Bitartrate for improving brain health

Choline is one of the most important brain vitamins required by the body for fat and cholesterol emulsification and transportation and the production of hormones.

The brain vitamin choline bitartrate helps produce brain supporting lipotropic agents that work by converting fat into neurons and this increases the production of HDL cholesterol. A major role of choline in the body is in the creation of the important methyl donor called betaine.Although not technically a B vitamin, choline is often included in the B vitamin family and this brain vitamin works intimately with other brain vitamins and vitamins in the B family, particularly Vitamin B8 and Vitamin B-12 to keep the brain vital and functioning at optimal level.

Choline bitartrate also increases the mobilization of fatty acids and there are a number of recent research studies that show that taking the brain vitamin choline is beneficial for increasing both physical endurance and mental endurance. During training athletes often find that their blood plasma concentrations of choline have lowered by as much as 50 percent during training or competition. Reductions in in the levels of choline found in blood plasma may lead to a decline in the synthesis of acetylcholine. A lack of choline in the body can result in permanent muscle or liver damage. It is for this reason many athletes supplement their diets with food that contain large amounts of the brain vitamin choline.

Suggested dosage of choline bitartrate

For adult men 550 mg of choline bitartrate is the recommended daily dosage. The recommended daily intake of choline for adult women is 425 mg; this can be increased to 450 mg during pregnancy and 550 mg if nursing.

As a brain vitamin take 750 mg (rounded quarter teaspoon.) once or twice daily with meals (or as directed by a doctor) .It is important not to exceed a daily dose of 8 grams regardless if you are a man or a woman

Are there any side effects in taking brain vitamins like choline bitartrate?

Most brain vitamins taken in the right dosages will not exhibit any side effects however at higher than typical daily levels side effects of digested choline include an increase in body temperature and sweating. At higher above recommended doses loss of appetite and nausea may occur. Choline works to improve liver quality and those individuals with symptoms or diagnoses of weak liver function should discuss with a doctor before taking choline or any other brain vitamins.

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