Brain Vitamins 101 – L Carnitine Introduced

Memory Vitamins Acetyl L Carnitine

Although commonly referred to as an amino acid, some memory vitamins like L-Carnitine (ALCAR) have more in common with the B vitamin family even though it functions very much like an amino acid. ALCAR has been shown to have a number of important benefits for proper brain function by working to ensure that neurotransmitter activity is constant, steady and stable over the long term.


Why L-Carnitine is one of the most effective memory vitamins

L-Carnitine is one of the most important brain vitamins for memory protection and as such is a key component in many popular memory vitamins and other types of brain booster formulas. It has long been used to improve memory and prevent age related memory loss and mental decline.

In addition to its memory boosting and memory protection capabilities, recent research studies have shown that the use of L-Carnitine increases the natural production of serotonin and dopamine making it an effective ingredient in a number of natural depression supplements and mood stabilizers ultimately delivering improved protection against mental fatigue and stress over a long time horizon. This research confirms what has been established anecdotally since the mid 70’s when its use started to become more prominent.

How does L- Carnitine work?

L-Carnitine is one of the most effective memory vitamins and works by helping create acetylcholine; a key neurotransmitter or neuron (the brains chemical messengers) that affects memory, focus and concentration. Research studies have demonstrated that L-Carnitine is critical in maintaining the right amount of the enhancer myoinositol through the body’s nervous system, ensuring correct energy flow and communication between brain and body.

With L-Carnitine essentially functioning as an anti-oxidant, the nerves in the body are protected from potential harm. Furthermore ALCAR had been shown to assist in the growth of new nerves in the brain, particularly in times of mental trauma.

Because of these many important brain and memory protecting benefits L-Carnitine is commonly used to help individuals who are suffering from mild to severe brain dysfunction and have resulted in many medical practitioners around the world recommending its use amongst a variety of other alternatives to individuals suffering from birth or accident related brain trauma.

L-Carnitine is becoming more popular in many memory vitamins because it is one of the fastest acting natural brain boosters and benefits of its use are seen within days if the dosage is correct. Importantly ALCAR has no known side effects and works with not against the body.

With many thousands of individuals noticing a marked improvement in their overall memory performance and their ability to focus and concentrate, it is only a matter of time that this most essential of memory vitamins becomes more widely recognised and gains wider appeal and usage.

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