Can Natural Mood Stabilizers Break The Link Between Anxiety And Depression?

Natural Mood Stabilizers Improve Mood

Over a long career  in neuroscience  covering two and a half decades , I worked with many thousands of people suffering from both depression and from anxiety .Often people see these two issues as opposites; however in many instances both of them go hand in hand. More than half the people diagnosed with depression, are also diagnosed with anxiety.However many of these people have managed to break the link between anxiety and depression by using natural mood stabilizers as part of a more holistic approach to their mental issues.

Typically in instances where both depression and anxiety are being experienced by an individual there will be a lack of production in the body of natural mood stabilizers and brain vitamins like serotonin which is created in the brain and runs through the entire nervous system of the body. This can be corrected by taking the appropriate brain supplements that correct serotonin balance. However this important first step is only part of the journey to being free of both depression and anxiety and in order to move further faster in recovery it is necessary to understand the causes of your personal symptoms.

The reality is that depression causes people to feel lonely, helpless and hopeless and anxiety makes them agitated and overwhelmed by physical symptoms; for instance: a pounding heart, tightness in the chest, and difficulty breathing. The combination of the two can be very frightening and very debilitating. When they are experienced together anxiety and depression together are hard to separate, diagnose, and treat and this particular combination is often the hardest to live with.

It is very common for individuals who are suffering from both anxiety and depression to seek relief using tried and tested natural mood stabilizers like St Johns Wort, Rhodiola Rosea and L-Tryptophan that are found in the most effective formulas of brain supplements and brain vitamins specifically to improve and stabilize mood.

In order to provide some help for depression and anxiety it is necessary to take the right mood stabilizers, brain vitamins or brain supplements formulated to improve and balance mood. But in most cases this action while essential is not enough.

Because most doctor prescribed mood stabilizers or brain supplement formulas are effective in dealing with manic episodes mood swings and fluctuations, but are not as effective at treating both anxiety and depression it is necessary to try and develop a self-help practice that will allow you to tackle your anxiety and depression head on. After having identified and starting to deploy the appropriate natural mood stabilizers or brain supplements to encourage the production of essential mood enhancing brain vitamins like serotonin it is then  vital to identify the causes or triggers that are supporting your underlying condition.

Some common triggers and causes of depression and anxiety

Understanding the triggers that are causing your anxiety and depression is vital and it is also important to know if the symptoms you are experiencing are solely due to anxiety and depression or due to other factors.

People who have either or both depression and anxiety attacks often feel tired and weary without a reason, have constant  aches and pains, experience changes in in the way they sleep – either sleeping a lot or not sleeping at all, have trouble concentrating, feel restless and irritable. Furthermore, they often feel tense and jumpy, imagine the worst scenarios, and feel their mind going blank.

The key is to calmly and rationally try to create a list of triggers that you feel are more likely to make you depressed or anxious .This list will be unique to you but once you are aware of situations or circumstances that are triggering your mood imbalance, the more able you will be to isolate these negative causes from your mind-set.

A combination of natural mood stabilizers and self awareness can break the link between anxiety and depression

There is little doubt and considerable evidence that shows the effectiveness of brain vitamins and natural mood stabilizers like L-Tryptophan and St John’s Wort in tackling mild or moderate depression and anxiety but just as importantly is the effectiveness of taking a more holistic self-help approach that involves eliminating the common triggers that are supporting your depression and anxiety. By understanding the triggers and causes and with the correct medical advice it is possible to reverse the debilitating feelings that make it so difficult to come out from underneath the black cloud.

With a little determination and awareness it is possible to break the link between anxiety and depression and once they are separated by taking the appropriate natural mood stabilizers, brain vitamins or brain supplements to tackle the chemical imbalance, tackling the causes of your condition will free you of your condition. Remember small steps everyday can help keep your depression and anxiety away.

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