How Focus Supplements & No More Multi-Tasking Can Help You Concentrate – One Task At A Time

Focus Supplements Improve Concentration

The Use of Doctor Prescribed Focus Supplements May Be Over – As We Abandon Multi-Tasking and Use Natural Brain Vitamins Instead

From time to time, we all experience problems with our concentration and focus and while we know that stress, fatigue, and lack of an appropriate nutrient rich diet can lead to reduced mental abilities yet it is often difficult to find  simple methods to improve focus, all the time, as we go about our daily lives

What I want to explore over the coming few weeks is alternative but effective ways to help your mind learn how to focus that are not commonly known. The first of these is the concept of single tasking

How to Improve Your Focus By Saying Goodbye to Multi-Tasking

No More Multi Tasking

A recent study by The National Academy Of Sciences has concluded that as we age and our brains become less agile , we find multi-tasking more difficult to do. While this in itself is no real surprise, the real question that comes out of this research is why do we place so much value on multi-tasking in the first place? There is plenty of emerging study that shows the value of concentrating on a single task for a longer period is better for the outcome of the task than if it was done in part, with other tasks, over an extended period in time.

To evidence this Dr. Adam Gazzaley who headed the study is quoted as saying. “There is accumulating evidence that individuals of all age groups perform worse under multitasking conditions than single tasking. He goes on to say “The impact of how those young adults engage in extreme multitasking and how it will impact their cognition as they age is an important research focus now.”

Combining natural focus supplements and simple holistic approaches can help your brain learn how to concentrate again

With this in mind,it is worth exploring alternative ways to handle our daily tasks that also help to improve focus and concentration:

1. Prioritise your day but mentally underestimate what you are likely to get done 

This immediately creates a managed set of expectations and allows you to set realistic goals with the most important tasks naturally rising to the top

2. Choose three or four of the most important things you want to get done now

Include one or two that you have been putting off for a long time. The idea is to see each task, no matter how mundane or dull it may be , as a unique set of connected process that need to be completed in sequence in order for the task to be completed. We want to absorb ourselves in this idea.

3. Engage Engage Engage!

Understand and try to connect to each element of each process of each task as you do it, try to understand how each element of the process is connected to each other and value the relative importance of each one. Once the task is completed take a brief moment to reflect on it and how its completion has impacted on your ability to other related things.

4. Reach a state of ‘Flow’

This is the ultimate aim of any single task orientated approach. Flow has been described as “the mental state of operation in which a person in an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and success in the process of the activity” and is the ultimate aim of any single tasking orientated approach. The more you can achieve prolonged states of flow, the more your ability to concentrate gets stronger for the long term. Importantly  ,with practise ,you will find yourself completing many more tasks one task at a time than you ever did when you were multi-tasking and paying attention to too many separate process elements.

5. Add Natural Concentration Boosting Amino Acids Like L-Methionine or L-Theanine to Your Diet

There is now a considerable body of research that shows the use of natural amino acids like L-Methionie and L- Theanine can significantly improve an individuals ability to concentrate for longer periods of time .L-Methionine is being considered by the European Union as a potential supplement to school childrens diets in order to improve calls attention rates and sample tests have provided very positive conclusions.

6. Don’t Give Up

It’s not difficult and you will soon feel the benefits of this approach.Keep practicing your technique – It will take a little time to feel comfortable with this approach. You need to relearn new methods of behaviour and your brain is creating new pathways. You will, however, soon find that ‘flow’ comes more and more often and your concentration will be more sustained for the long term

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