Q1 EFFECTIVE: Do the BrainSmart formulas really work?


For example, just 1 of the 15 active components of BrainSmart ULTRA™; Acetyl L Carnitine (ALCAR), has been demonstrated to increase short-term memory and reaction speed by over 35%.

BrainSmart ULTRA™ and its core proprietary formula, Cognicetam+™, is the product of years of research and testing, and is the strongest and most rapid-acting cognitive performance aid available today.

All BrainSmart supplements have won awards for effectiveness and the audited statistics below speak for themselves:

  • We have sold over 850.000 bottles of BrainSmart Ultra since 2001 with a return rate of 0.07%
  • We have sold over 450,000 bottles of BrainSmart Mood since 2003 with a return rate of 0.07%
  • We have sold over 500,000 bottles of BrainSmart Memory since 2004 with a return rate of 0.04%
  • We have sold over 220,000 bottles of BrainSmart Focus since 2009 with a return rate of 0.06%