Q2 SAFE: Are all BrainSmart brain supplement formulas safe?


For example, all the natural active amino acid based compounds specially prepared in the exclusive Cognicetam+™ brain supplements complex have been cited in over 4,050 scientific studies.

All our brain supplements are maunufactured to GMP standards and our production facilities are quality checked by GMP inspectors every 3 months .If, for any reason, oue brain supplements  do not meet pharmaceutical standards, they do not leave our facility.

All our brain supplements are time release and are tested for disintegration and dissolution. Disintegration is the physical breakdown of the nutrient. The goal is to breakdown the nutrient in 30 minutes or less after swallowing. Dissolution occurs after the disintegration process when the nutrient goes into solution and then becomes available to your body. The goal is to have a minimum of 75% of the active ingredient absorbed into your body’s system within 45 minutes.

All full-time staff of BrainSmart use the various BrainSmart™ formulas for increased work productivity and time efficiency. No  side effects have been reported, by our many thousands of customers and our staff, in the 8 years since our original brain supplement formulas. All BrainSmart™ natural  brain supplements contain no ephedrine, ephedra (ma huang), yohimbine, or other dangerous stimulant compounds.